What is.....?

Suggestopedia or Multi-Level Learning

This is an educational method developed by Bulgarian scientist Georgi Lozanov. A doctor and psychiatrist working in the rehabilitation of patients traumatised by authoritarian practices, he created a means of healing through language learning, which was originally an ingenious way of enabling his clients to effect their own cure rather than be subjected to more manipulation.

What eventually emerged was a system of effortless learning now shown to increase learning speed and retention by 200%-300% (current Canadian Foreign Service dept. research results), improve physical health, and bring substantial benefits in personality and motivation (research from Finland).

It can also effect radical changes in the way people approach creative thinking, problems and conflict.

Although Lozanov suffered the fate of many revolutionary thinkers, including political persecution, his ideas have survived and are being seriously developed in Canada, Japan, Sweden, Finland, USA and Russia. Interpretations (of which the best known is the Accelerated Learning movement) vary in their understanding of central concepts such as personal autonomy and emotional dynamics.

Dr Lozanov is now 73, living in Vienna and currently training in the USA and Austria. A project is underway to bring him to the UK in March 1999 for training and other events. This is a unique opportunity to explore the complexities of his profound psychological approach now refined and tested over 30 years but based on science which is still very new and controversial.

Grethe Hooper Hansen welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in giving their support and/or participating in the events.