About Membership
Joining SEAL

(SEAL is now closed, this page is for reference only)

The services offered by SEAL, such as courses and workshops in the UK and overseas, are heavily discounted to SEAL Members, so it is in the interests of financial economy that many join SEAL. For example, the difference in the cost of attending our 7th International Conference at Bath in April 1997 as a non-Member was up to £105 more than attending as a Member.

All payments to SEAL must be in UK Pounds (sterling). We accept cheques drawn on any UK Bank, and payment by bank transfer to our Midland or Girobank accounts. We accept payment by VISA or Mastercard from both UK and overseas subscribers, and by VISA Delta from UK subscribers.

UK Europe Outside Europe

o All currency or transfer charges are paid by applicant.
o All rates outside UK include airmail postage costs.
o The postal definition of "Europe" is used.
o All payments must be in UK sterling.
o Schools get 2 copies of literature per mailing.
o Companies get 3 copies of literature per mailing.

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