SEAL had members in over 40 countries.

This page gives details of country representatives who can be contacted for local information.

Country Representatives

  • Argentina
    Verónica M. de Andrés
    Wings Educational Consultancy
    Educational Consultancy

Pearl Nitsche
SLL Institute - Creative Learning
Language Courses (English, German as a foreign language, Spanish, Italian, Polish)
Teacher & Management Training

Czech Republic
Zdena Kralova
The Light School
Intensive courses of English with Suggestopedia

Birgitta Gervig
Dansk Suggestopaedisk Forening (Danish Suggestopedic Association) and Institut for Anvendt Suggestopaedi Ap S Association and Teacher Training

Fabrice Dossot
Ecolangues (French courses for foreigners)

Eva Jonai

Dr Sarah Zimin

Renata Marangon
Italian Courses with Suggestopedia

Martine Winnington
Danses avec L'Univers - Dances with the Universe
Circle Dance/Bach Flower Remedy Dances
English as a Foreign Language

United States of America
Dorothy Rodwell
Group for Accelerated Learning Teaching and Training

United States of America
BruceTickell Taylor
Accelerative Tutoring & Transformations Institute
Spreading the word on accelerative and other advanced methods of learning, by letter & e-mail